Opening of a company in Costa Rica

Opening of a company in Costa Rica. Открытие компании в Коста-Рике

A lot of investors are trying to transfer their business to other countries, but this is not for everyone. Costa Rica is a good choice for company registration.

The economy of Costa Rica is based on tourism, agriculture and the production and export of electronics (microprocessors and medical devices). Foreign investors are attracted by political stability, the qualification of the workforce, as well as tax incentives.

At any time You can get advice from our company. Thanks to the knowledge that You will get by contacting us, starting a business in Costa Rica will not seem to You a difficult task.

Why do businessmen choose this state

Many investors liked Costa Rica for the company’s opening. That’s because there are a number of advantages of registering a company in Costa Rica, such as: a high degree of confidentiality and anonymity; fast registration – from 20 to 40 working days; the company pays taxes on income generated in Costa Rica; there are no reporting or accounting requirements; Costa Rica is not considered an offshore haven and has a number of free trade agreements with various countries (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean). It should also be noted that the most common legal form in Costa Rica is “Sociedad Anonima”, meaning that shareholders are not responsible for the company’s actions.


  • All state fees
  • Corporate documents in Spanish, notarized translation of basic documents into English
  • Acquisition of legal address
  • Payments to the registered agent
  • Company registration with tax authorities
  • Company’s seal
  • Payment of courier service

USD 1,950

Opening a bank account in Costa Rica:

  • Fee for opening a bank account in Costa Rica


  • Fee for opening a bank account in Cyprus

USD 620 +
Legal attestation

Annual renewal payments:

  • Legal address
  • Registered Agent
  • State duties
  • Submission of annual tax return

USD 1,150

Nominee service:

  • The appointment of a Cyprian nominee individual
    (for each member of the board – president, secretary, finance manager)

USD 380

  • Cyprus nominee shareholder legal entity

USD 250

  • Belize nominee shareholder legal entity

USD 150