Регистрация компании на Сейшелах
Регистрация компании на Сейшелах

Opening of a Company in Seychelles

The opening of a company in Seychelles is a dream for many investors, but not everyone has the opportunity to turn it into reality. Seychelles is an island nation. But their attractiveness for investors lies in another: in low taxation. There are so low taxes here that nobody practically notices them.

In order to register a company in the Republic of Seychelles, You should collect the necessary documentation. You can check the list with us. If You doubt that You can do everything by Yourself, then You should contact our company. Specialists, working with us, are ready to take care about everything. Of course, in this case, the registration of the company in Seychelles entirely lies on our shoulders and so You need minimum of actions. We will save Your precious time!

When all the documents are ready, You will have to choose the name of Your future company. It does not matter what language You use in it – it’s your right. Then we continue the work and take on the registration of the documents required for registration of the company name in the Republic of Seychelles.

Many investors who have moved or created new companies were our customers. They saved their nerves and time by contacting us!

Advantages of a company registered in the Seychelles

It is profitable to register a company in an island country, because the Seychelles offshore is:
  • the simplest and fastest registration process possible;
  • high level of confidentiality — with a non-public register of shareholders, directors and the ability to use nominal service;
  • the official business language is English;
  • no reporting requirements;
  • no restrictions on purchase and ownership of property in the country, inexpensive and effective service;
  • no double taxation with China, Indonesia, South Africa;
  • territorial principle of tax settlement — should be paid when income received within the territory of the country, in other cases the company’s income is not subject to tax.
In addition to the list of advantages: the documents executed in the Seychelles can be legalized by apostille only (the government signed the 1961 Hague Convention), a loyal attitude of international financial institutions towards the country (not included in the "blacklist" of FATF).

How to buy an offshore in the Seychelles

For a Russian citizen wishing to transfer business to the Seychelles, an offshore is easy to buy through our agency. In this country, firms are exempt from taxes, but have the only requirement — to pay a fixed fee of 100 USD annually for the extension of IBC status.

Following a simple algorithm, you will easily become the owner of the Seychelles offshore:
  1. call our company by the phone numbers listed on the website;
  2. consult on the procedure of incorporation of the company in the country, local legislation requirements, get an invoice for services;
  3. Fill out the application form, prepare the necessary documents for registration;
  4. Wait for the results of the application review (up to 10 working days).

At the same time, the amount of the share capital (there are no strict requirements), the need to open a bank account in the Seychelles and other conditions should be discussed.

Company registration services in the Seychelles from PCG

Company registration services in the Seychelles include standard positions — from checking the execution and availability of documents, conducting the mandatory procedure of Due Diligence (identification of the beneficiary) to the support at all stages of company registration and legal support of the incorporated company.
The final cost depends on the number of services provided, the urgency of fulfilling the request, etc.

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(Русский) Международные коммерческие компании выбирают возможность открыть счет на Сейшелах, поскольку бизнесменов привлекает активно развивающийся финансовый сектор, многообещающие для иностранных инвестиций прогрессивные законы, филиалы ведущих банков и страховых компаний мира.

Maintenance Services
Protey Consulting Group will conduct qualitative assessment and present heir suggestions considering the tax burden lowering of Your enterprise.
Our qualified employees have a great experience and extensive practice implementing the decisions of development and automation of accounting process.
Our specialists will help and advise You of any issues relating to the provision of registered office, nominee directors, shareholders, secretaries, etc.
The crisis affects one country after another and one of the most sought-after ways is not just to save Your savings, but also to multiply them – investing in real estate.
Protey Consulting Group company offers the opportunity of obtaining a second citizenship and permanent residency in such countries as Cyprus and Malta.
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Fee Shedule | Seychelles

Registration and Renewal Services

  • Government Fees
  • Registered address, registered agent
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Resolution on appointment of the director
  • Minutes of the first founding meeting of directors
  • Share Certificate
  • Registers of directors and shareholders
  • Maintaining a register of companies
  • Apostilled set of corporate documents
  • Company seal
  • Courier services
Bank Account
the price varies
A personal visit is not required
Annual Renewal
  • Registered Agent
  • Registered address
  • Annual license fee

Nominee and Additional Services

Liquidation (dissolution) of the Company