Opening of a company in Seychelles

Opening of a company in Seychelles. Открытие компании на Сейшелах

The opening of a company in Seychelles is a dream for many investors, but not everyone has the opportunity to turn it into reality. Seychelles is an island nation. But their attractiveness for investors lies in another: in low taxation. There are so low taxes here that nobody practically notices them.

In order to register a company in the Republic of Seychelles, You should collect the necessary documentation. You can check the list with us. If You doubt that You can do everything by Yourself, then You should contact our company. Specialists, working with us, are ready to take care about everything. Of course, in this case, the registration of the company in Seychelles entirely lies on our shoulders and so You need minimum of actions. We will save Your precious time!

When all the documents are ready, You will have to choose the name of Your future company. It does not matter what language You use in it – it’s your right. Then we continue the work and take on the registration of the documents required for registration of the company name in the Republic of Seychelles.

Many investors who have moved or created new companies were our customers. They saved their nerves and time by contacting us!