Opening a firm in the UK

Opening a company in the UK. Открытие компании в Великобритании

Registering a company in the UK is not just a prestigious, but also a profitable solution. Businessmen are attracted by the transparent and simple regulatory and legislative base of the country, developed financial sector and economy, calm and stable political situation. The UK company inspires confidence in investors. It is stability, considerable benefit, and also confidence about the future.

Advantages of a company incorporated in the UK

Being able to start a company in the UK means that your business is dynamic, with stable legislation, access to developed infrastructure and government support. The main advantages are:

  • no limits on authorised capital, no government currency control;
  • co-founders can be 2 or more natural persons or legal entities from among citizens of the country or non-residents, nominal service is not prohibited by law;
  • prestigious European jurisdiction with a registered address in London, favourable investment climate;
  • a company with non-resident founders is not subject to income tax (when income is received outside the country) while the standard income tax rate is 19 %.

The thriving market of the country allows to get new clients, partners and suppliers. Most often, a company is registered as an LLP (partnership with a non-resident founder) or LTD (limited liability company. analogue of an LLC).

How to buy an offshore in the UK

To buy an offshore in the UK reliably, safely, operatively for the Russian citizen is possible with the following simple actions:

  1. call us on the numbers specified at the web-site;
  2. get consultation about the procedure of company registration in the country or about a purchase of a ready-made offshore, about local legislation requirements, get an invoice for services;
  3. prepare necessary documents, fill in the form;
  4. get the result of the application review (it is possible to open a bank account in the UK simultaneously) – from 10 days.

Equity capital, local requirements, business conditions and other issues are also discussed.

Company incorporation services in the UK from Protey Consulting Group

Company registration services in the United Kingdom directly depend on the size of the authorized capital, the nature and specifics of the enterprise, the urgency of the application.

Service name Price (USD)
Registration of the company in the UK includes:

  • inspection, legalization, preparation of documents with apostille;
  • legal address, seal, power of attorney, two nominal partners (legal entity);
  • courier services
Nominal partner (legal entity) 250
Nominal partner (natural person) 500
Filing a tax return 200
Prolongation (from the second year includes legal address, courier) 300
General Power of Attorney 250
Apostille (2-3 days) 200
Urgent Apostille 300
Financial statements от 500
Bank account registration (up to 2 weeks) от 600

Our experts help at all procedural stages, including competent support of financial statements preparation, provide many other services.

Incorporate a company in the UK with Protey Consulting Group

Our agency offers favourable terms of cooperation. You will get:

  • professionalism — for more than 10 years we provide qualified consulting, legal and organizational support in matters of company registration in different jurisdictions;
  • benefit — affordable cost of services, we guide the client willing to create a company in the UK, through all procedural stages, get a certificate of the company, establish its legally transparent work;
  • saving your personal time and resources — we save you from many legal and bureaucratic contrivances associated with the registration procedure;
  • guarantee of confidentiality of personal data and total success in the registration of an offshore company;
  • efficiency — it is possible to buy a ready-made offshore in the UK in 1 day.

We always act in strict compliance with the legislation of the country.