In the courtyard of the twenty-first century, prices for everything grow day by day, so that investment in real estate has become more than a popular topic. The crisis affects one country after another and one of the most sought-after ways is not just to save Your savings, but also to multiply them – investing in real estate. In other words, the acquisition of offices, buildings, living quarters and further on the list. This type of investment has always been considered one of the most stable investments of cash. Therefore, if You have enough money, You can not not consider it as an opportunity to increase Your capital.

Real estate investmentNo less interesting is the option of investing in foreign real estate. As an option, in Europe and Asia. In fact, everything here is extremely simple – the depositor disposes of his savings properly and in the future can make a profit from the acquired real estate. Under the savings are meant not only the money itself, but also securities along with precious stones.

The investor needs to invest them in those facilities, which in his opinion will bring an acceptable profit for him. It is desirable with a minimum level of risk. As for investments in foreign real estate, they perfectly match these criteria – that’s why we want to talk with You about the most stable and really profitable way of disposition of funds.

Liquidity – this is what distinguishes the better the investment of funds in the acquisition of real estate from all other forms of investment activity. It does not matter if You are going to purchase a dwelling or a commercial type, the demand for them will always be. I would also like to note that this is due not only to the purchase and subsequent resale of property, but also to rent – by the way, also a very interesting kind of earnings.

Profit from investment in real estate

In general, we can distinguish two ways to extract profits from immovable property:

  1. Resale. The object is purchased by You at the same price – let’s call it minimal, and sold quite differently – higher. The difference is Your profit;
  2. Delivery of the purchased object for rent. If You are not going to use the acquired real estate Yourself, then You can benefit from investing in it by means of a lease. Give it on a paid basis and get a certain monthly fee.

As You can see, investment is a profitable business. The main thing is to make the right choice.

Real estate management services with guaranteed returns (Cyprus, Malta, Dubai)

Protey Consulting Group company will provide You great services – the opportunity to invest in real estate, realty management services with guaranteed returns. Investing in real estate in the country You are interested in, can be tremendously profitable, but the search for the best option for the customer is very often accompanied by difficulties. But! You can reinsure Yourself, acquiring and investing in real estate in several countries simultaneously, thus expanding the zone of client investments.

What problems we deal with:

  • The sale-purchase of real estate (UAE, Malta and Cyprus)
  • Legal support of transactions
  • Property management and leasing
  • Advising on real estate ownership taxes and leasing payments