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Ready-made offshore company

Ready-made offshore companies are pre-registered and fully operational legal entities that already have a name, registration number, and a ready-made package of corporate documents. Many assets of financial and industrial organizations in the CIS are structured according to the principles of non-resident jurisdictions, to achieve more rational tax management of the structure.

Benefits of owning an offshore company in Cyprus

A ready-made offshore company with a bank account in Cyprus is the most logical option for low-tax jurisdiction and leads to a direct increase in profits.

An undeniable advantage of a company registered in Cyprus is an access to the EU market with a very loyal attitude to business: corporate tax rate is 12.5% and VAT rate is 19% — one of the lowest European tax rates. In addition, the ownership of an offshore entitles you to accelerate the acquisition of EU citizenship (within 4-5 months) and visa-free visits to more than 150 countries. Cyprus adheres to the principle of non-interference in confidential materials of companies. In addition, in Cyprus you may legally conduct certain operations, which are not possible in the Russian Federation (other shareholders’ agreements and investment mechanisms).

Setting up a Cyprus offshore company services

Setting up an offshore company with a current account becomes an alternative to buying a company when the future business owner has enough time. The process is greatly simplified if the procedure is accompanied by experienced professionals. Protey Consulting Group provides services of purchase and setting up companies and opening current accounts in offshore zones.

To buy a ready-made offshore

To buy a ready-made offshore is the best solution for optimizing and protecting your business. In particular, the reasons for the purchase may be a reduction of company’s costs, a transition to the European zone, reliable protection against external seizure of the business and ensuring the rights to a particular asset. The cost of a ready-made company is roughly equal to the price for setting up a new company + agency fee.

Documents provided to the client acquiring a ready-made company:

  • original of Registration Certificate + apostilled copy;
  • original of the Charter (Articles of Association) + apostilled copy;
  • original of the Memorandum of Association + apostilled copy;
  • decision on the appointment of a single director;
  • resolution on the issue of share certificates.

Documents and information necessary in order to open a company in offshore:

  • passports of the beneficiaries, shareholders, and directors (the documents of the latter are provided if the client does not use the nominee service);
  • letter of recommendation from a bank;
  • a full description of the scope of activities of the company;
  • utility bill (any utility bill that confirms the actual address of residence).

Benefits of an offshore company with a current account with Protey Consulting Group

A ready-made offshore company with a current account suits best for businessmen who do not have enough time for its registration in the jurisdiction of the bank. In addition to working with documents, Protey Consulting Group offers a comprehensive solution services, which include preparation and registration or purchase of a company + opening a bank account.

For extensive advice on issues related to the purchase or opening of a company in Cyprus, contact PCG. Prompt and competent solution of your issues is guaranteed.

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