Opening a bank account in Switzerland


Opening a bank account in Switzerland. Открытие счёта в банке Швейцарии.

Why Switzerland?

If You ask a question to the first person about country which has one of the most reliable banking systems, he will surely answer that Switzerland is famous for it. Today we will talk about whether it is difficult to open an account in Switzerland independently or better to entrust this matter to professionals?

What statistics say

Official sources say that about one third of the world capital of individuals is stored in the banking organizations of this country. Just imagine, this is 33% of all private money! That once again proves – if there is a need to save money, an individual needs to open an account in a Swiss bank. The same applies to legal organizations. By the way, among them the Swiss banking system is valued no less. This is a real standard, to which our state is still very, very far away! Deposits are protected, everything is confidential. Reason for disclosure of information – the criminal suspicion of the client.

What we offer

Well, we see that You have already asked Yourself how to open an account in Switzerland for a legal organization. In fact, there is nothing complicated here, but if You do not wish to waste Your precious time, we are always ready to help You. It is enough to apply to our company, after which we will happily attend to the opening of the account with minimal participation from Your side.