EU citizenshipOur company’s specialists will help You with the matters of obtaining a second citizenship and permanent residency and thoroughly explain all the subtleties of this matters. Out team has a large number of experts with tremendous experience and solving skills in the field of immigration problems. From our side, we provide a complex immigration procedure support and the subsequent maintenance of Your interests in the country. Protey Consulting Group company offers the opportunity of obtaining a second citizenship and permanent residency in such countries as Cyprus and Malta.

The benefits of obtaining Maltese citizenship:

  • Visa-free entrance to 166 countries, including USA, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe countries;
  • Ability to study and work in one of the 28 EU countries;
  • Obtaining citizenship and passport takes 12-14 months;
  • Providing an alternative place of residence and freedom of movement for the whole family of the applicant, as well as the optimization of the tax burden;
  • Malta is a neutral, stable and safe state with an excellent climate, friendly residents and low crime level;
  • Malta allows dual citizenship.

The benefits of obtaining Cypriot citizenship:

Citizenship of Cyprus equals the EU citizenship, it allows its owner to estimate the numerous benefits of this status. Cyprus passports owners are entitled to visa-free travel to the EU territory, as well as employment and residence in Europe. Cyprus is a country with a developed economy, advanced infrastructure, as well as comfortable conditions for living and work. The State is a member of the EU, so the owners of Schengen visas can freely enter the territory of the island.

The advantages of European citizenship are:

  • Opportunity to study in the best European universities;
  • High-quality health care, high standard of living;
  • High-paying jobs, and others;
  • Convenient analogue of the Cypriot passport is ID Card;
  • The Cypriot law allows citizens to have passports of different countries at the same time.

This means that there is no need to abandon Your basic one while obtaining permanent resident status in Cyprus.