Opening an account in Hong Kong

Opening of a company in Hong Kong. Открытие компании в Гонконге

Attractiveness of Hong Kong for opening a bank account

A fairly large percentage of businessmen conduct their business within the homeland. We all know that in this case it is possible to minimize risks, reduce waste and so on. But this is not all things. Some seem to be the most attractive countries in Asia. Yes, in this regard, many are wondering how to open an account in Hong Kong to an individual or a legal organization. For many people, Hong Kong is a very popular place.

We will not say that the process of opening an account in Hong Kong is simple. This is far from the case, especially if You have never faced anything similar before. In addition, in 2015, was closed the possibility of opening an account remotely. This indicates that the physical presence in the country is now a prerequisite. But even it does not guarantee that You will quickly open an account in a Hong Kong bank.

Why do you need an account?

If the legal entities are more or less clear, then for what it can be need for individuals? In fact, there is one small nuance here – in Hong Kong, a huge number of online stores with low prices (much lower if compared with ours). BUT! You can buy something there only for yuan – local currency, so You have to open an account to be able to pay in online stores by the yuan. Otherwise, You will not be able to save money.