Opening an account in Delaware

Opening of a company in the state of Delaware. Открытие компании в Дэлавер

Why choose Delaware

You knew that Delaware is a relatively small state. But it is really popular not only among local businessmen and the whole United States, but also among the representatives of other countries. Why? The point is in extremely loyal legislation that promotes business development – there is no such tax burden as in some countries. That’s why every businessman who knows about local business conditions wants to open an account in the state of Delaware.

Features of opening an account in Delaware

By the way, under the offshore in the United States is meant exactly the state of Delaware, so favorable business conditions here. However, it will be difficult for a non-citizen, especially without the accompanying knowledge and practice, to open an account in a bank of the State of Delaware. This applies equally to individuals and legal entities.

However, we all live in the twenty-first century – the market offers a huge number of a variety of services. Thus, You can contact us for accompanying support up to the opening of the account.

In this case, You will no longer have to ask questions about how to open an account in Delaware to an individual or a legal organization. We will do almost everything for You!