Registration of a company in Singapore

Opening of a company in Singapore. Открытие компании в Сингапуре

Registering a company in Singapore is prestigious and profitable. Many foreign entrepreneurs seek to get into one of the world's largest financial centres. This step involves creation of a profitable international business, an open
registry for non-residents, clear rules of registration and business operation.

Protey Consulting Group will professionally help incorporate a company (to buy a ready-made offshore) in this city-state with a stable economy and a reliable banking system.

Advantages of a company registered in Singapore

Company registration in Singapore means taking privilege and opportunities provided by local legislation. The benefits are following:

  • capital protection, asset privacy (at the legislative level);
  • loyalty to non-residents – foreign entrepreneurs have the same rights as residents;
  • the ability to operate the firm remotely;
  • the prestige of the jurisdiction;
  • no annual audit (if annual turnover is up to 5 million SGD), foreign exchange transactions are not controlled;
  • no prohibitions on foreign ownership, no tax on dividends and no capital gains (if profits are less than 100 thousand SGD).

Additional benefits are: long-term investment efficiency, flexible management, low taxation. Furthermore, the law allows for nominee shareholders and directors with full confidentiality for the real owner of the company.

How to buy an offshore in Singapore

In order to quickly, reliably, safely buy an offshore in Singapore, a Russian citizen can use a simple algorithm:

  1. to call on the phone numbers specified on our site (we arrange consultation);
  2. to get a consultation about company registration in the country, local legislation requirements, receive an invoice for registration services;
  3. to prepare an application, documents for company incorporation in Singapore;
  4. to wait for the results of the application (up to 10 working days; with the opening of a bank account – up to 20).

At the same time, the size of the authorized capital, availability of a bank account in Singapore and other factors are to be discussed.

Company incorporation services in Singapore from Protey Consulting Group

Company registration services in Singapore for beneficiaries, shareholders, non-resident directors include obtaining the documents necessary for the legal operation of the legal entity in this country.

Service name Price (SGD)
The opportunity to registration a company in Singapore involves a package of services:
  • Company profile certified by ACR
  • Company Articles of Association, foundation agreement
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registered office, secretary
  • Minutes of the first meeting of directors
  • Share Certificate
  • Company seal
  • Courier services
Director (local legal requirement):
Nominal Director from Singapore 2150
Director’s Deposit (one time, refundable payment) 2000
Bank account:
Bank account registration 1560–2600
Full legalization of one document 610
Power of Attorney (with legalization) 275
Notarial certification of 1 document 130
Registered office, secretary 1150
Nominal Director from Singapore 2150

It is not necessary to be personally present at the company registration procedure, all required actions can be executed remotely.

Register a company in Singapore with Protey Consulting Group

Our agency offers prompt, reliable, safe cooperation.

Guaranteed are:

  • free detailed consultation on selection of jurisdiction, business diversification, corporate and tax model;
  • saving your personal time and resources – we spend 2-4 weeks to fulfil the request;
  • advantageous cost of a package of services to incorporate a company in Singapore (purchase of an offshore company).

We lead the client through all procedural stages, get a certificate of the company, establish its legal and transparent work, act in strict compliance with the requirements of national legislation, confidentiality.

Additional services: registration of a bank account abroad, second citizenship, accounting, audit and many others.