Investment through Cyprus

Cyprus companies are frequently used in structuring international activities. This is not surprising, as the Cyprus legislation provides many different advantages for doing business. In this article we will explain why Cyprus is a favourable jurisdiction to conduct investment activities. General information Cyprus is a European Union member state with advanced legislation. Registration and maintenance […]

Notional interest deduction (NID) Cyprus

  Starting from 2015 Cyprus companies and non-resident companies with a permanent establishment in Cyprus can apply the notional interest deduction (NID). Notional interest deduction is a type of a tax deduction from the taxable income of a company which is calculated according to the following formula: NID = “new equity” * “reference rate” New […]

Cyprus company with account
Company in Cyprus + Bank account

Special proposition! Open a company in Cyprus with a bank account for only 3,500 euros! We would like to introduce you to the following business package: List of services: – Registration of a company in Cyprus, including state fees; – Legal address for 1 year; – Secretary for 1 year; – Registration documents; – Stamp […]

Регулирование криптовалютной деятельностиLegal framework for cryptocurrencies
Legal framework for cryptocurrencies in Switzerland

Even though the popularity of cryptocurrencies fluctuates along with their exchange rates, many still choose to invest in crypto and even to raise funds for their projects upon conducting of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) or, more often lately, STOs (Security Token Offerings). For that purpose, it is vital to understand how any such crypto activity […]

Advantages of Cyprus tax system

Tax optimization is the overriding factor influencing any business owner’s decision as to where to establish his company abroad. In recent years, Cyprus has become an extremely popular jurisdiction, where one can find a lot of advantages in terms of business matters. The tax system can be considered as one of such advantages of the […]

Business in Switzerland. The reasons to choose Swiss jurisdiction to incorporate a company.

Prestige of a particular jurisdiction and the possibility of tax optimization which would be beneficial for business, are the main criteria usually considered by business owners while determining a country to incorporate a company. Undoubtedly, Switzerland prevails at all points, and it also provides additional opportunities that are significant in terms of business perspectives: 1) […]


Ignore of the crypto currency functioning issue along with the usual monetary units will not work. Internet money is making its way, forcing the world community to reckon with their increasing popularity. TALLINN CONFERENCE This year оne of the problems considered by Second International March Blockchain Conference was about the IT-currency transactions legislative regulation. Directions […]


It is not necessary to be an expert to understand that the Internet, having crossed almost every threshold not so long ago, has won our attention, time. This is the industry, which does not stand still for a second. New technology, programs, IT-startups appear instantly. Training, development, communication, work search, job offer boldly moved into […]


The even only country name sounds like a synonym of reliability, security, comfort, a strength of the economy and the banking system. Switzerland includes twenty-six federations. This information about the state is important for those, who are going to register/open companies in Switzerland because taxation here has three levels: national (federal); canton (in terms of […]


Choice of registration place and performing own business will greatly affect prospects of the enterprise development, its capabilities, comfort, with which business will be conducted. Many beginners and experienced executives prefer to establish companies in steadily developing countries with a global economy. Cyprus occupies one of the leading places on the list of such jurisdictions. […]