Opening of a company in Panama

Открытие компании в Панаме. Opening of a company in Panama

The Republic of Panama is a state located in Central and South America on the Panama isthmus between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific, borders Costa Rica in the north and Colombia in the south.

Opening a company in Panama is a very profitable case, as this country has a large number of various advantages that are always so lacking for modern investors, such as: the tax is not paid if the income is received from a source abroad, but only if the income is received directly in the territory of Panama; minimum reporting requirements, auditing is not necessary; the corporate assets or the company’s capital in Panama can be stored outside of Panama; owners, directors and shareholders are not required to be residents of Panama; no inheritance tax; no currency control, etc.

If You, like most investors, decide to move or open a business in Panama, but do not want to suffer from paperwork, contact us. We do everything in a high-quality, fast and conscientious manner!



Additional information


  • State duty
  • Legal address and agency fee
  • Charter corporation in Spanish with apostille
  • Certified and apostilled translation of the Charter into English
  • Extract from the Register with Apostille
  • Certified and apostilled translation of the English translation
  • Certificate of shareholders
  • Share Register
  • The first minutes of the board
  • Apostilled set of registration documents
  • Company’s seal
  • Delivery of documents by courier

EUR 1,350

Renewal of company registration:

  • Legal address
  • Registered Agent
  • Annual License

EUR 700

Nominee service:

  • Nominee Director – Cyprus, individual

EUR 380

  • Nominee Director – Belize, legal entity

EUR 200

  • Nominee Director – Panama, individual

EUR 600

  • Nominee Director – Belize, individual

EUR 650

  • Nominee Shareholder – Cyprus, individual

EUR 250

  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize, legal entity

EUR 150

  • Nominee Shareholder – Panama, individual

EUR 500

  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize, individual

EUR 500

Bank account:

  • Opening an account in a Cypriot bank

EUR 700

A personal visit
is not required

  • Bank account in other jurisdictions

On request

A personal visit
is not required