Opening of a company in Hong Kong

Opening of a company in Hong Kong. Открытие компании в Гонконге

Hong Kong is an excellent place for businessmen, this is the same tidbit, attracting investors. But why?

Why investors choose Hong Kong

Opening of a company in Hong Kong is a very profitable business, as this country has a large number of various advantages that are always so lacking for modern investors. In order to register a company in Hong Kong, You will have to collect all the documents required for this procedure, pay a number of fees and, of course, find an office. In addition, You will need a secretary who communicates freely with the people of Hong Kong.

You think that there will be too many problems with the papers, then You can contact our organization for help at any convenient time. Our highly qualified specialists are happy to help You not only with advice, but also with the matter – we are engaged in full-fledged support. Therefore, if You think that You will not be able to register a company in Hong Kong by Yourself, we minimize Your participation.

Advantages of opening a company in Hong Kong

One of the main advantages of opening a company in Hong Kong is low taxation. That’s why most investors try to move or open a business in Hong Kong. And a lot of our clients are the same investors who simply did not want to suffer from paperwork. We do everything in good quality and faith! Everyone who addressed us, left the office content and with the documents ready on hand.


  • Set of corporate documents
  • Company seal (ink)
  • Metal relief seal
  • Legal address
  • Secretary
  • Courier
1,800 USD

Additional services:

  • Apostilled set of corporate documents
485 USD

Bank account:

  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus
600 USD
  • Opening a bank account in Hong Kong (requires a personal visit)
1,250 USD – 1,850 USD


  • Legal address
  • Secretary
1,250 USD

Nominee service:

  • Nominee Director – Cyprus (individual)
500 USD
  • Nominee Director – Hong Kong (individual)
750 USD
  • Nominee Shareholder – Cyprus (legal entity)
250 USD
  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize (legal entity)
250 USD

Additional Services (Accounting):

  • Accounting
  • Audit
The price depends on the number of transactions and turnover of the Company (available on request)