• Optimal Jurisdiction
  • Minimum Taxation
Offshore company registration nowadays are the most effective tool for mid-sized and large business – it is a real possibility to optimize taxation, avoiding high taxes payment on an absolutely legal basis. Offshore schemes are applicable basically everywhere. These are classical export-import operations, hidden property ownership, large assets purchase and sale, intellectual property rights use, opening bank accounts and replenishment of working capital, and, of course, raider attack property protection.

Benefits of owning an offshore company

Opening offshores in the states with preferential taxation is one of the mandatory requirements of your business’ successful existence, opening a lot of advantages for business owners.

No taxes presence or preferential rates let everyone to:

  • Minimize taxation rates
  • Purchase assets on behalf of the offshore company
  • Use the offshore firm as a trade operations mediator to lower the tax chargeable base
  • Withdraw profit in tax-free territory

What documents do You get after the offshore company registration:

  • Registration Certificate duplicate
  • Memorandum of Association and Charter duplicate
  • Decision to appoint the first director
  • Stock certificate issuing resolution
  • Stock certificates
  • Stamp

Documents package may differ from the list above, and it depends on jurisdiction chosen, as well as company’s organizational and legal form.

No foreign exchange regulation and no offshore companies control with confidentiality preservation as well as limited liability principle allow to create good conditions for protection of Your assets. The disclosure of any information regarding the owners or business shareholders is prohibited by states’ law in most offshore zones.

Offshore companies are enabled to open accounts in any bank, with which the offshore zones cooperate. As a company director You don’t have to be personally present while opening the account, but You can make use of Your finances anywhere in the world, 24/7, via internet.

The offshore zones are usually formed, when there is a political and economic stability of the country, allowing to widely use the abilities of such companies, such as:

  • Export import operations
  • Trade operations
  • Logistics, development
  • Insurance
  • Aircraft and ships registration, leasing

The main reason to purchase an offshore is to increase and optimize the tax system in Your firm with quality. This will allow You to accumulate funds in the offshore states and to save on taxes.

Confidentiality is a huge advantage when using offshore companies:

  • Any information, given from one party to another during cooperation, will not be disclosed to any third parties
  • The fact of cooperation with a client in the process, as well as after it’s termination is never mentioned, and the subject of such cooperation is never disclosed
  • The order transfer from the client is made only through authorized persons

Offshore companies may be used in such illegal activities as money laundering and in criminal business. Restriction or a total ban on such actions are contained in the laws of the countries, in which the offshore companies are registered. Nowadays, many countries impose restrictions on offshore operations, to prevent such illegal activities, but there is no full prohibition in any of the countries, including Russia.

Basic factors when choosing the offshore jurisdiction:

  • Company registration country’s tax and corporate legislation, the legislation of the country, where the actual operations will be carried out, and also international standards;
  • Usability of the company (requirements for the list of directors and shareholders, authorized capital requirements, costs related to creation and maintenance of the company);
  • Reliability and professionalism of the registered agents, serving the company here in after;
  • Jurisdiction reputation (its presence in different «blacklists», legal accordance to the requirements of OECD, FATF and so on, company’s directors and shareholders information availability);
  • Legislation stability.

We always keep in mind reasonable commercial gain and economic expediency of an offshore registration for our clients.
If You like to show Your business’ existence history, or sign a contract or a document backdating, You can purchase previously registered offshore.

Previously registered offshore company not carrying out any activities is called ready-made offshore. When purchasing this kind of company, the total price will include maintenance prices (state fee, audit etc.). Probably, You’ll have to pay the costs for the previous years of ready-made offshore existence.

For You to choose the right and optimal offshore jurisdiction, pay attention to the next features:

  • Tax rate
  • Cost and terms of registration
  • Business confidentiality
  • Currency control
  • Geographical position and jurisdiction prestige for Your partners

After evaluating this features, open an offshore in the zone, which is the closest and most interesting for Your business.

Today we can offer to open a firm in such countries:

The price of an offshore company:

In every offshore jurisdiction, the tax payment is replaced by state fee in the country of registration.
The amount of fees depends on number of criteria (registration country, the value of the declared authorized capital, The Charter right to issue bearer shares, and so on).

In addition to government fees, one must annually pay for the usluga-registraciya-kompaniy of the registered agent (for providing company’s legal address, for keeping directors and shareholders register,for its willingness to inform customers about upcoming changes in corporate law and so on).

For more information, contact our specialists.

What Protey Consulting Group Offers

While choosing the offshore jurisdiction, Protey Consulting Group specialists consider every need and operation specifics of Your company. Our experienced employees will thoroughly analyze every jurisdiction, regarding the goals of Your company, which will allow to pick the best option for a successful business.

Services for Business

Maintenance Services
Protey Consulting Group will conduct qualitative assessment and present heir suggestions considering the tax burden lowering of Your enterprise.
Our qualified employees have a great experience and extensive practice implementing the decisions of development and automation of accounting process.
Our specialists will help and advise You of any issues relating to the provision of registered office, nominee directors, shareholders, secretaries, etc.
The crisis affects one country after another and one of the most sought-after ways is not just to save Your savings, but also to multiply them – investing in real estate.
Protey Consulting Group company offers the opportunity of obtaining a second citizenship and permanent residency in such countries as Cyprus and Malta.
Once turning to Protey Consulting Group, You will make a reliable partner for many years!
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