Company in Cyprus + Bank account

Cyprus company with account

Special proposition! Open a company in Cyprus with a bank account for only 3,500 euros!

We would like to introduce you to the following business package:

List of services:
– Registration of a company in Cyprus, including state fees;
– Legal address for 1 year;
– Secretary for 1 year;
– Registration documents;
– Stamp of the company;
– Opening an account in Hermes Bank
Terms of company registration: 10 working days
Terms of opening a bank account: 3-4 weeks
Total cost: 3,500 Euro

In terms of tax planning, Cyprus is one of the most attractive jurisdictions in the world.
Key benefits of this jurisdiction:
– Compliance with confidentiality;
– Nominal service;
– Reliable legislation;
– Stable banking system;
– Elimination of double taxation;
– Low income tax (12.5%).

To register a company in Cyprus, you must provide the following documents:
1) From one to three planned company names in English for verification.
2) A package of documents for shareholders, directors and the beneficiary, which includes:
– passport or driver’s license;
– confirmed residential address;
– constituent documents on legal entities.
3) Information about the proposed activity of the company and the geography of the business.

The reliability of bank accounts in Cyprus is a worthy competition to the Baltic banks. If you are interested in an accelerated and virtually trouble-free opening of a commercial account, then choosing a Cyprus bank is an ideal option.

What do you get in return for the amount spent?
– Confidence in the correctness of the documentation;
– Registration in accordance with the laws of Cyprus;
– You can use the list of additional services, one of them is a nominal service;
– Ongoing business support, tax control.

Cooperation with Protey Consulting Group is a 100% guarantee and confidence in the result.

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