Открытие счёта в банке Эстонии
Открытие счёта в банке Эстонии

Opening an Account in Estonian Bank

Long-term benefints, security, the liberality of the international banking network are the reasons why many people prefer to open an account in Estonia. Banks in the country are cautious in their choice of partners and cooperate with reliable financial institutions around the world, which is why more and more foreign clients are investing their money here. The company Protey Consulting Group promptly assists with this.

Advantages of opening an account in Estonia

The reasons and advantages of opening an account in Estonian bank are:
  • stable economy, calm political situation, reliable banking system of the European Union member state;
  • guaranteed protection of personal information at the level of governmental laws;
  • possibility to establish multi-currency deposits (over 40 foreign currencies);
  • simplified procedure for documents processing – no legalization by apostille required;
  • many tools for financial management, efficiency.
Additional advantages are free online service, the validity of the European deposit insurance system in the amount of up to 100 thousand EUR, bank accounts are available for residents and non-residents, reasonable prices for high-quality service. For Russian citizens it is also possible to receive services in Russian.

How to open an account in Estonian bank

To open a bank account in Estonia with our professional assistance, a legal entity or an individual need to perform the following simple steps:
  1. call the phone numbers listed on the website;
  2. to consult on the selection of a financial institution, get an invoice for registration services;
  3. to prepare and apply with a set of documents in English (consideration takes from 10 working days).
A personal meeting with a representative of the bank, the amount of the deposit, the minimum balance and other peculiarities should be also discussed. Most Estonian financial institutions offer a full range of services to their clients.

Accounts for individuals in Estonian bank

An individual should provide a standard set of documents: proof of identity and permanent residence address of an account holder (originals and copies – foreign passport, internal passport, driver's license, salary certificate, link with Estonia). Proofs of legal source funds are also required.

Service prices: from 30 cents per month.
Types of deposits available are savings, investment, multicurrency and others.

Corporate accounts in a bank of Estonia

To register a corporate bank account in Estonia, the documents of the beneficiaries and the company (articles of association, incorporation certificate, document about appointment of the director, share certificates, etc.) are required.

The cost of registration: from 450 EUR.
Types of deposits are multi-currency, deposits, leasing, international, etc.

Where to open an Estonian bank account for a Russian citizen?

Over 100 banks in the country offer services to Russian citizens. Most of them (Citadele, Swedbank, LHV, Danske Bank, Versobank, SEB, etc.) are loyal to non-residents. There are no special requirements for minimum balances or these amounts are small (within 5-10 thousand EUR).

The advantages of opening offshore accounts with PCG

When contacting our company for opening an offshore account in an Estonian bank the client will be provided with:
  • legal support at all stages;
  • assistance in preparing the set of necessary documents;
  • saving of personal time, free consultation.
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