Opening a bank account in Luxembourg

Opening a bank account in Luxembourg. Открытие счёта в банке Люксембурга

Why Luxembourg?

In the practice of our company, there a lot of investors who want to open an account in a Luxembourg bank. What do You think, why do they do this? Investors are very smart people, like all businessmen, so this is far from easy. That’s why we suggest You disassemble everything “by bones”.

Advantages of opening an account in Luxembourg

If You opened an account in Luxembourg, You can have a lot of pluses along the way. First, the banking system here is stable and reliable. Perhaps, this is one of the biggest advantages. Secondly, confidentiality is at a high level – according to this criterion, Luxembourg’s banks are not inferior to those in Switzerland. Thirdly, the real name of the owner of funds in the process of opening an account can be classified. As You understand, this is one of the main reasons for opening an account in Luxembourg banks for individuals and legal entities.

Among other things, You will be offered other options. From investing money and building up Your own securities portfolio. There is one “BUT”. The independent opening of an account in Luxembourg requires free time and the availability of related knowledge. We suggest You contact our company for support in order to save Your time and money.