Registration of Canadian LP’s

Регистрация партнерств в Канаде. Registration of Canadian LP's

Canada is an independent federal state, which is a constitutional monarchy and is a part of the British Commonwealth. For several years, Canada has been recognized as the best country to live under the UN Commission. The choice is made on the basis of many indicators, which include the health protection system, the quality and accessibility of education, the cleanliness of the environment, legally protected individual freedoms, and the average level of wages in relation to expenditures. The standard of living in Canada is considered to be one of the highest in the world. Canada, having a favorable economic environment, is a wonderful place to do business and create partnerships.

The registration fee is 2300 US dollars, the cost includes:

  • Checking the uniqueness of the name you proposed
  • Government duty
  • Registration office in Ontario for the first year of service
  • Postal address in Ontario, receiving correspondence from the Government of Ontario, for the first year of service
  • Declaration Form 3, confirming the registration of the Limited Partnership
  • Organization Resolutions of General Partners
  • Resolution on admission of a limited partner
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Register of General Partners
  • Register of Limited Partners
  • Stamp of the company


A limited liability partnership is fully exempt from taxes if profits are earned outside of Canada and the partners are not residents of Canada.

The need for accounting


Necessity of drawing up of the annual report


Annual Service Renewal

Since the 2nd year 1600 US dollars