Opening of a company in Luxembourg

Opening of a company in Luxembourg. Открытие компании в Люксембурге.

The opening of a company in Luxembourg is a quite serious step, which not every businessman is ready for. If You decide to do your business here, You should definitely understand that You will have to spend time preparing a huge number of documents. They will be required to register a company in Luxembourg.

You do not like all this paperwork and You would rather take a full support in the process of opening a company? In fact, it was the purpose of our company creation. Highly qualified specialists, working with us, are always ready to take full responsibility for themselves. Many investors have opened a business in Luxembourg thanks to our efforts. All the documents that are prepared in our office, made qualitatively!

After they are ready, You will need to choose a name for the firm in Luxembourg. It must also be registered, after a small fee should be paid, as in any other countries.

Do not forget that to register a company name in Luxembourg, You need to prepare a small bundle of documents. Our specialists are also ready to do this. So, to open a new company in Luxembourg, You need funds and documentation prepared in our company.