Registering a company in the Virgin Islands

Открытие компании на Виргинских островах. Opening of a company in the Virgin Islands

Registering a company in the Virgin Islands, which eastern part is legally owned by the UK, is an easy and effective way to optimize your business. This oldest offshore zone is stable, economically reliable and politically peaceful. Protey Consulting Group professionally helps to register a company (purchase a ready-made offshore) in this prestigious tax haven of the planet.

Advantages of a company incorporated in the Virgin Islands

A Virgin Islands-registered company is a great opportunity for business development, numerous benefits and a range of advantages. Among the most important ones:

  • favourable tax system — no income tax for business companies and non-resident individuals, no taxes on income;
  • the official currency on the islands is the American dollar (USD), the official business language is English, and there are no restrictions or controls on currency conversion and currency transfers;
  • business-friendly legislation (based on English law) — allows companies registered in the country to cooperate with companies in any part of the world;
  • minimum regulatory requirements, including that it is not obligatory to maintain accounting statements;
  • protection of capital, the confidentiality of assets (at the legislative level), corporate flexibility, diversification of risks;
  • flexible company registration conditions, well-developed infrastructure.

It is prohibited for non-residents to purchase teal estate in this region of the world, but lease is allowed. The law allows for nominal shareholders and directors with preserving full confidentiality for the real owner of the business.

How to buy an offshore in the Virgin Islands

It is profitable for a Russian citizen to buy an offshore in the Virgin Islands by choosing a ready-made company. If there is no suitable one, we can register an offshore company on a turnkey basis. To do this, follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Call the phone numbers listed on the web page;
  2. get a consultation on registering a company in the country, local legal requirements, get an invoice for registration services;
  3. prepare an application form, a standard set of documents;
  4. get the result of the application review (it takes from 10 working days, with opening a bank account in the Virgin Islands — from 20).

At the same time, the size of the authorized capital, other peculiarities are discussed.

Company registration services in the Virgin Islands from PCG

Company incorporation services in the Virgin Islands with the comprehensive support of our agency are available at cost:

Service name Price (USD)
Package “Virgin Islands, company”:
  • Government Fees
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Registered office, registration agent
  • Articles of Association of the Company, Articles of Incorporation Agreement
  • Resolution on appointment of the director
  • Minutes of the first founding meeting of directors
  • Share Certificate
  • Company seal
  • Registers of directors and shareholders
  • Maintaining a register of companies
  • Apostilled set of corporate documents
  • Courier service
Power of Attorney (with legalization) 275
Notarization of one document 130
Full legalization of one document 610
Bank account:
Bank account registration (no personal visit required) the price varies
  • Annual license fee
  • Registered Agent
  • Registered address
Liquidation (dissolution) of the company 1500

The head of the company does not have to personally participate in the process of incorporation — the agent can register the company or organize a purchase.

Open a company in the Virgin Islands with Protey Consulting Group

Promptly, reliably, safely to buy (register) an offshore company is possible through our agency. We work:

  • professionally — offer comprehensive services, in addition to the above also corporate, legal services, obtaining a second citizenship, accounting, auditing services, registration of bank accounts abroad, etc.;
  • economy — we lead the client through all procedural steps with the saving of his time and effort, get a certificate of the company, establish its legally transparent activities;
  • lawfully — in strict compliance with the requirements of the country's legislation, we observe confidentiality.

We consult free of charge on a choice of jurisdiction, business diversification, corporate-tax model.