Opening of a company in Andorra

Opening an account in Andorra. Открытие счёта в Андорре

If You decide to register a company in Andorra, then You just need to read this article. Only here You will find the most important information that You need to know, so that the business You have opened in Andorra prospered and in no case was devastated.

Features of the company’s opening in Andorra

Here there are six organizational and legal forms and one of them exactly will suit You. For example, there is a fairly popular analogue of LLC, but we will not talk about it. The fact is that this option is suitable in case You decide to open a small company in Andorra. But personally we advise You to use the form «Societat Anonymous». This type of organizational and legal form is a joint-stock company. Thanks to this society You can easily and without extra spaces open a company in Andorra.

The process of opening a company in Andorra

But let’s not dwell on the choice of the type of firm, but go further – to the most important, to the procedure of opening an offshore company in Andorra. First of all, You should not only come up with the name of the “brainchild”, but also “book” it. Then You must get the official permission issued by the government to foreign investors. In order to get the above permission, You will have to wait about thirty days. But there is nothing to worry about, because the result is worth it, and we assure You, if You apply for help to our company, then You will not have any problems – and if they do, we will solve them on our own. More information about the prices for the services that we provide, You can find here.