Opening an account in Gibraltar

Opening of a company in Gibraltar. Открытие компании в Гибралтаре

Advantages of opening a bank account in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a part of the European Union, so opening an account here gives several advantages at once. But why is it that everyone really tears so hard here? Is it really that by opening an account in Gibraltar and registering Your company here, You can get permission to provide services in the whole of the European Union? Definitely, it’s true. But this reason is not the main one.

Opening an account in the bank of Gibraltar is popular for another reason – because of the lack of a number of taxes, which is extremely beneficial not only for local businessmen, but also for investors from other countries. In addition, the corporate tax is equal to ten percent, which can also be called one of the advantages. And the tax on imported goods varies from zero to twelve percent.

How to open an account in Gibraltar to an individual or a legal organization?

You should understand that this process can not be called simple. Even those who know the process will have to tinker a lot to open an account. On the other hand, it’s not necessary to waste Your personal time. You can always contact our company for assistance. Our specialists will take care of You until the account in the bank of Your choice of Gibraltar is opened. The offer is relevant for both individuals and legal entities.