Opening an account in Malta

Opening an account in Malta. Открытие счёта в банках Мальты

Why Malta?

Why is the opening of accounts in Malta banks so popular with businessmen and investors from different countries? What is the secret? Probably, the matter is that the banking system of this country has flourished very quickly. Blossoming continues to this day, services are polished, sharpened, their level rises. Let’s say more, all this is relevant for the whole country – it also quickly began to develop and is still being improved in various sectors. That’s why many businessmen want to open an account in Malta or start a business of their own. It is also worth noting that the main functions of the Central Bank are identical to those in the banks of the European Union. This also has a positive effect on the formation of interest of foreign investors.

Features of opening a bank account in Malta

Unfortunately, more recently, the process of opening an account in a bank in Malta for individuals and legal entities has been significantly complicated. The Cyprus banking crisis of 12-13 years made to tighten banking policy and registration procedure. Now without outside help You can spend a huge amount of Your precious time and money.

We advise You to trust professionals. It is enough to contact our specialists for full support. In this case, opening an account in Malta for legal entities and for individuals will not be a problem.