Account opening in a German bank

Opening an account in Germany. Открытие счёта в банке Германии

Account opening in Germany means securing your savings in a country with strict laws and stable economy. Foreigners are interested in advanced technology allowing to protect depositors' finances as well as in the clarity and security of the banking system.

Protey Consulting Group offers competent assistance in the preparation of documents, selection of the appropriate bank, preparing application and other procedures related to the account opening.

Benefits of opening an account in Germany

German credit and financial institutions are trusted all over the world. It is profitable for a non-resident to open an account in a German bank because:

  • the system is as reliable as that of the UK;
  • the safety of investments is guaranteed (mandatory deposit insurance);
  • the comfortable service and personalization of products are provided (each client has a personal manager who assists through all stages of communication with the bank);
  • establishment of a multi-currency deposit is possible;
  • high-level protection of funds against hacker attacks and system hacking;
  • no limits on the flow of any amounts;
  • affordable cost of banking services.

The possibility to establish a EURO deposit in Germany is provided to non-residents who have correctly prepared the documents and successfully passed the interview.

How to open a bank account in Germany

The sequence of actions for those willing to open an account in a German bank is as follows:

  1. apply for help – call the phone numbers listed on our website;
  2. consultation on selection of a financial institution, to get an invoice for registration services;
  3. preparation of application, set of notarized documents;
  4. waiting for consideration of the application (starting from 10 working days).

At the same time, a personal meeting with a representative of the bank, the amount of the deposit, the minimum account balance and other peculiarities should be also discussed.

Personal accounts in a German bank

To open an account in Germany, individuals must in most cases prove their creditworthiness with the German credit organisation SCHUFA. The documents required to apply are quite standard – from notarized passport copies to completed bank forms. Registration cost starts from 550 Euro. Initial deposit is minimum 5 thousand EUR. Non-refundable balance – from 1 thousand EUR. Benking service – from 7 EUR per month. Types of deposits to choose from are personal, multi-currency, deposit, etc.

Corporate accounts in a German bank

In addition to the standard set of company documents, when setting up a corporate bank account in Germany the information about the shareholders and directors of the company is also required.

The minimum initial deposit starts from 10 thousand EUR. The amount of the non-refundable balance – from 1 thousand EUR. The cost of banking service – 7-40 EUR per month (depends on the bank). Types of deposits to choose from are corporate, merchant, investment, etc.

In which German bank should a Russian citizen open an account?

A Russian citizen wishing to establish a deposit in Germany should contact a financial institution cooperating with non-residents (DKB, Comdirect, Fidor Bank AG, Deutsche Handelsbank, Varengold Bank AG, etc.). Each of them offers different terms of cooperation and interest rates.  The amounts of initial deposits are also variable.

The advantages of opening offshore accounts with Protey Consulting Group

If you contact our company to open an offshore account with a German bank, you get:

  • detailed consultation on the selection of a financial institution;
  • saving of personal time — 2-4 weeks to complete the application;
  • support at all stages of the registration process;
  • related services.

Moreover, with our support, you can incorporate a company abroad.