It is not necessary to be an expert to understand that the Internet, having crossed almost every threshold not so long ago, has won our attention, time. This is the industry, which does not stand still for a second. New technology, programs, IT-startups appear instantly. Training, development, communication, work search, job offer boldly moved into virtual space, displacing offline competitors.

IT technologies broke into investment field, replacing usual ways (real estate, shares, bank deposits, bonds, gold). The top ten of investment list are firmly headed:

  • digital currency;
  • forex;
  • ICO.


Banks have switched to online services. Away back, money quantity became virtual figure on account, not amount in wallet. Digital currency has gone even further. There are simultaneously ways: payment method and investing.IT investments

Bitcoin – not a synonym for crypto currency, but one of the most common varieties. Operation principles for digital assets are the same, only service options differ: some are oriented to social networks, others – to large investors. Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, RIPL – can be listed long time, their number comes to thousand.

Main thing must be taken into consideration choosing this investment type is to remember the basic money function – means of payment and exchange. How to choose the electronic accumulation method type? It is very simple – we drive into search line: buy for … (hereinafter – put the digital currency name and see what you can buy, determine the most liquid, then work with it).

Internet money investment ways:

  • independently, spending time, forces on studying, by trial-and-error method;
  • through the PAMM platform (funds are invested by professional trader, taking specified percentage for this).

Ways to make profit through investments in Internet capital:

  • purchase and sale (here are options: exchange trade; turnover between exchanges; purchase, long-term storage, then sale);
  • mining – “production” IT-currency by using own or someone else’s (cloud mining) powerful computer equipment.


Legal minimum that must be taken into account choosing to invest in virtual money:

  • risks – many countries have not legislated such investment type – it is beyond the legal field of many states, which often means the illegality (for example, in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Iceland);
  • your country’s legislation may tax the difference between sale price and documented purchase costs. As, for example, the Russian Federation Finance Ministry explained its position on the need to pay taxes from crypto capital income and the requirement of its independent declaration on June 4, 2018. Despite the fact that Russian laws do not determine the legal status of crypto funds; working in this area, everyone will have to pay taxes, submit reports.

As for Cyprus, almost a year ago, Republic issued rules regarding the crypto currency brokers operation. Cyprus is a progressive and far-sighted IT-technologies player that is proved by existence of the unique educational institution in Nicosia, which accepts crypto currency payments from students.