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Opening an account in the Virgin Islands

Opening an account in the Virgin Islands. Открытие счёта на Виргинских островах

Pros of opening an account in the Virgin Islands

What is the Virgin Islands have attracted businessmen and investors from all over the world? They have one huge advantage: the complete absence of taxes. Yes, yes, this is the main reason why businessmen seek to open an account in a bank of the British Virgin Islands. The same goes for creating Your own company. Just imagine, not a single percentage of Your income goes to the state. Moreover, there is no VAT, not even a sales tax. All the money goes into Your hands. So why not open an account in the Virgin Islands?

Features of opening an account in the Virgin Islands

It would seem that it could be simpler opening an account in a place where it is treated good enough to foreign investments? Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as we would like. Offshore jurisdiction, although popular, but far from being as simple as many think. There are requirements for opening an account in the Virgin Islands for individuals and legal entities. You can not argue with it. How to be in this case?

Of course, not every unprepared person can open an account on his own. Many will not want to waste their precious time. In any case, You can always contact us for full support of opening an account on the Virgin Islands. This applies equally to individuals and legal entities.