Открыть оффшорный счет для компании

Оффшорный счет на Кипре Офшорным принято называть банковский счет, открытый за пределами страны постоянного проживания владельца такого счета. Причин открыть офшорный счет может быть множество, но наиболее общие из них – желание обезопасить денежные средства и снизить расходы, связанные с уплатой налогов. Открыть счет для офшорной компании можно своими силами или воспользовавшись услугами одного из […]

Ready-made offshore company

Ready-made offshore companies are pre-registered and fully operational legal entities that already have a name, registration number, and a ready-made package of corporate documents. Many assets of financial and industrial organizations in the CIS are structured according to the principles of non-resident jurisdictions, to achieve more rational tax management of the structure. Benefits of owning […]


Offshore company registration nowadays are the most effective tool for mid-sized and large business – it is a real possibility to optimize taxation, avoiding high taxes payment on an absolutely legal basis. Offshore schemes are applicable basically everywhere. These are classical export-import operations, hidden property ownership, large assets purchase and sale, intellectual property rights use, […]


Do You want to open a bank account in Asia or Europe? We hasten to please You, today it can be done without presence in a particular country, where You show the account. Moreover, it is not necessary to be a resident of this country. The main is to appeal to the right company – […]