Opening a company in the UK

Opening a company in the UK. Открытие компании в Великобритании

A lot of investors are trying to transfer their business to other countries, but this is not for everyone. In order to open a company in the UK, it is necessary to prepare a large number of documents. Of course, without certain monetary investments will not work.

If You want to open a small business, then, accordingly, You will have to invest less money than in a joint-stock company. Registering a company in the UK is pretty easy, if You know how to do it. However, if You have not had this experience before, then it’s worth turning to professionals. Otherwise, You will have to spend extra time and money.

At any time You can get a lot of advice from our company. Thanks to the knowledge that You will get by contacting us, starting a business in the UK will not seem to You a difficult task.

Why do businessmen choose this state?

Many investors liked the United Kingdom for the company’s opening. And all because this country enjoys a special authority among EU states. Of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, the income tax rate is 20%. And at the same time, this is a country’s worth, as this is one of the lowest rates in the EU countries. Therefore, the opening of the company in the UK is of interest to many businessmen, both in our state and in others.



Company registration (Includes: set of corporate documents under apostille, legal address, power of attorney, signet, 2 nominal partners (legal entities), courier) USD 1200
Renewal (from the 2nd year includes a legal address, courier) USD 300
Nominal partner (legal entity) USD 250
Nominal partner (individual, Cyprus) USD 500
General Power of Attorney USD 250
Apostil (2-3 days) USD 200
Urgent apostil USD 300
Submission of tax returns USD 200
Financial statements From USD 500
Opening of a bank account – Banks of Cyprus, a period of about 2 weeks From USD 600
Others By request

Term of registration 1 day