Opening of a company in Singapore

Opening of a company in Singapore. Открытие компании в Сингапуре

Benefits of registering a company in Singapore

The registration of a company in Singapore has a very large number of advantages. There are no taxes for some articles. And they, as we know, play a big role in business. In addition, when You open a company in Singapore, for the first three years of work there will be individual benefits for You. In this state all conditions for businessmen are created!

If You decide to earn money outside the country, but the company is physically located in Singapore, then You have to pay the state duty for net profit in only one case – the earned funds must go to a bank related to Singapore. This is another significant positive quality, because of which many investors and businessmen are going to register business in Singapore.

The cost of registering a company in Singapore

The cost of the company in Singapore is assessed in different ways, and this, in particular, depends on which company You are going to open. Of course, if You decided to create a joint stock company, the money will be much larger than opening a small business.

The opening of the company in Singapore allows the company director to literally transport his entire family to this state, opening a long-term visa for them. In addition, if You want to become a full-fledged citizen of Singapore in the future, You can be sure of the safety of the family. As You can see, a huge number of various advantages opens, so many investors want to have their own business here.


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Company profile certified by ACRA
  • The minutes of the first constituent assembly of directors
  • Certificate of shares
  • Company’s seal
  • Registered office
  • Secretary
  • Courier

SGD 2,200

Director from Singapore (required):

  • Deposit of the Director (one-time refundable payment)

SGD 2,000

  • Nominee Director Services

SGD 2,150

Additional services:

  • Power of attorney

SGD 275
(plus legalization)

  • Notarization

SGD 130
(per document)

  • Full legalization

SGD 610
(per document)

Bank account:

  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus

SGD 800
(plus legalization)

  • Opening a bank account in Singapore

SGD 1,560 –

SGD 2,600


  • Registered office and Secretary

SGD 1,150

  • Nominee Director from Singapore

SGD 2,150

Nominee service:

  • Nominee Director – Cyprus (individual)

SGD 550

  • Nominee Shareholder – Cyprus (individual)

SGD 350

  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize (legal entity)

SGD 175

  • Nominee Shareholder – Singapore (individual)

SGD 375