Opening of a company in the Virgin Islands

Открытие компании на Виргинских островах. Opening of a company in the Virgin Islands

Why the Virgin Islands?

Not everyone wants to pay taxes for their company. That’s why now most investors are trying to get away from their habitual habitat. Some dream to create their own company in the Virgin Islands. Why?

The fact, the firm that is located there has a fairly large number of advantages. There are no taxes on income, and this, undoubtedly, attracts businessmen all over the world. But many make hasty conclusions and try as soon as possible to transfer the already existing firm to the Virgin Islands.

What You need to open a company in the Virgin Islands

Do not forget that in any case You may need help from professionals. Therefore, if You do not know how to start a business in the Virgin Islands, You simply need to contact our company for full support.

In order to buy a firm in the Virgin Islands, You need to get an official permission from the government and, of course, if You decide to change the name, then go through the procedure for registering a new name.

By the way, to open a company in the Virgin Islands, documents will require much more than for its purchase. We remind You that our company is ready to help You with all the paperwork. And this is not all that we are ready to do for You.


  • State duties
  • Registered office and Registration agent
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • The decision about an appointment of the Director
  • The minutes of the first constituent assembly of directors
  • Register of Directors and Shareholders
  • Certificate of Shares
  • Maintenance of the Register of Companies
  • Apostilled set of corporate documents
  • Company’s seal
  • Courier

USD 1200


Nominee service:

  • Nominee Director – Cyprus (individual)
USD 380  
  • Nominee Director – Belize (legal entity)
USD 200  
  • Nominee Shareholder – Cyprus (individual)
USD 250  
  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize (legal entity)
USD 150  

Bank account:

  • Opening a bank account in Cyprus

USD 750

A personal visit is not required

  • Bank accounts in other jurisdictions

Prices varies

A personal visit is not required


  • Registered address
  • Registration agent
  • Annual license fee

USD 750



  • Liquidation of the company

USD 1500