Opening of a company in Cyprus

Открытие компании на Кипре. Opening of a company in Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

We all perfectly understand that Cyprus is a state that practically does not need outside assistance. It can be called quite developed in comparison with other different countries. That’s why Cyprus is seen as a place where not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to open new companies.

Who said that business in Cyprus is easy? Especially in the case of dealing with all the related issues alone. For a successful start and further development, You may need not only advice from professionals, but also reliable people who are ready to help in any situation.

Prospects for opening a company in Cyprus

If You think that it is difficult to register a company in Cyprus, then You are also mistaken. After all, if You thought so, You can safely assume that You still have not heard about us.

We are always ready to help in various situations and provide full support. So, if You decided to register a company in Cyprus, we advise You to contact our company.

Here You will get not only useful advice, but also some impetus, which many so badly need. If You still do not know why the firms in Cyprus are so popular, You probably have not heard of the low tax on the company, which is only 12.5% ​​of the income.

Every interested person can contact us in any convenient way to understand how to open a business in Cyprus. Choosing us, You free Yourself from problems and other paperwork!


  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Directors and Secretary
  • Certificate of registered legal address
  • Certificate of Shareholders
  • The decision about an appointment of the Director
  • The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company
  • Company’s seal
  • Legal address
  • Secretary
  • Courier


Bank account:

  • Opening of a bank account in Cyprus, in 2 weeks

from €450


  • Legal address
  • Secretary


Nominee service:

  • Nominee Director – Cyprus (individual)


  • Nominee Director – Belize (legal entity)


  • Nominee Shareholder – Cyprus (individual)


  • Nominee Shareholder – Belize (legal entity)


Annual state fee:

  • Paid in June of the next year after the registration of the company


Additional services:

  • VAT Registration


  • VAT Declaration


  • Accounting


  • Audit (Sleeping Company)

€350 + VAT
from €1,000

  • Audit (Operating Company)

The price depends on the number of transactions
and turnover of the Company