Opening of a bank account in Cyprus


Открытие банковского счёта на Кипре. Opening of a bank account in Cyprus

What attracts in the zone of Cyprus

The attractiveness of Cyprus may no longer be discussed, if it concerns the opening of bank accounts in this zone. Its main advantages are: confidentiality of information about the client, opening of accounts in different currencies (in dollars, euros, and rubles), as well as the fact that the state structures of Cyprus guarantee the safety of deposits in their banks.

Have You already registered Your own company and now You want to open an account in Cyprus? Unfortunately, this is not so easy. If You count only on Your own strength, then it can drag on for weeks or even months. Therefore, it is better to entrust the opening of an account in Cyprus to professionals. Now we are referring to our company. You can always contact us to get the help You need!

Why us?

Even if You registered the company by Yourself, this does not mean that the account is easier to open. Besides, let’s take a look at this from the other side – do You want to waste Your precious time and money? We do not think so. Our team of specialists will take full responsibility for Your work, so You do not have to worry. As a rule, this procedure takes quite a bit of time – it will take two to four weeks, if You applied to our company for accompanying support. One can not ignore the fact that in most cases Your personal presence on the island will not even be required.

Turning to us, You are forever saying goodbye to questions about how to open an account in Cyprus for a legal organization or an individual.